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The Loose is excited to welcome Pizza Mannyacs to the kitchen! 

Manny, the brains behind our new kitchen residency, has curated a fabulous menu based on pizza classics as well as some must haves (check out the Burrata Picante, it’s favourite from here!)

Book now ahead and pair the pizzas with wines from around the world or even, great beers on the bar! 

Pizza menu at the Loose Box

Pizza mannyacs

Manuel is a pizza connoisseur, taking locally sourced ingredients and homemade dough to make an outstanding pizza menu that works well for almost all occasions. 

Having worked at festivals across the UK the past few years, Pizza Mannyacs have now taken residency at the Loose Box kitchen which means you can get a slice of sunshine when you next pop in!

Kitchen Hours:

Monday – Friday: 12pm – 3pm | 5pm – 9.30pm


Choose from any a Margarita, Pepperoni or Ortalana pizza and a pint of Camden Hells or Lucky Saint.

(Offer available from 12 – 3.30pm)